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At the point when you enter the city of Beirut. The first winery visited on this half-day wine visit is House Legacy. Find out about the creation of wine by a family that keeps up with conventional techniques while utilizing cutting edge innovation to make an assortment of wines from the grapes of the Beqaa Valley. Right when you go into the famous Lebanese city of Beirut Forge ahead to Manor St. Thomas which was set up in 1990 by Saïd Touma and his family on a slope sitting above the Bekaa valley.

1) Wine Tour from Beirut
Treat your taste buds to the flavor of Lebanon famous wine region on a full day wine tasting tour through Lebanon countryside from Beirut. Visit three or four local boutiques wineries and vineyards and learn about traditional production methods, and sample different type of local wine.

2) Private Wine Tasting Tour

Lebanon, is the only Arab country that has a thriving wine production. The vineyards in the Bekaa valley stretches as far as the eye can see. Wine production in Lebanon dates back to the Phoenician times as early as 2,500 BC with the use of indigenous grapes. Today, the most common grape types planted are French grape varieties introduced in the Bekaa Valley by the Jesuit fathers. Beirut’s position lining the ocean makes it an awesome encounter tasting wine and seeing the sun set over the sea.

3) Small Group Tours from Beirut to Baalbek, Anjar and Ksara
On this little gathering visit from Beirut, you’ll find champion sights in the Bekaa Valley district, the home of Baalbek sanctuary complex which incorporates two of the biggest and most terrific Roman sanctuary at any point fabricated, Baccus and Jupiter, just as, you will visit The old city of Anjar, an interesting declaration to city arranging under the Umayyads and you will test after red, white and rosé wines at Château Ksara.

4) Full-Day Wine Tasting Tour
Treat your taste buds to the kinds of Lebanon renowned wine area on an entire day visit through Lebanon wide open from Beirut. Visit three or four neighborhood wineries and grape plantations and find out about conventional creation strategies, and taste distinctive kind of nearby wine.

5) Byblos, Jeita Grotto and Harissa Day Trip from Beirut
This Byblos, Jeita Grotto, and Harissa Day trip from Beirut showcases the best of Lebanon’s most fascinating cities. A must-do guided tour, this trip is ideal for first-time visitors, history lovers, and wine lovers who are interested in learning more about the ancient cities of the world.

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