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Vivo V21 has the unique feature of coming with two versions, one for Verizon and one for T-Mobile. The manufacturer follows suit with its other . vivo v21 handsets too. It is equipped with the advanced version of Windows Phone 7. It has a 6.1-inch touchscreen display of capacitive technology that offers a sharp viewing experience. The phone also features a six-rows memory using the HTC Sense. The phone gets a bright 5.1-inch capacitive screen that also offers an impressively large pixel density of almost 411 ppi.

Apart from the large screen, the Vivo smartphone offers two cameras namely the Exmor P lens on the rear and the Mmegasoft K zoom lens on the front. The vivo V 21 has a six-row memory using the HTC Sense. The phone also comes with a high-definition camera that has an optical zoom. Other additional smartphone features include built-in GPS and Bluetooth.

The Vivo V21 camera also has a dual LED flash plus an auto focus mechanism. As in the case of the HTC Desire HD, the rear camera has an auto focus system as well. The phone has a large capacity battery as well along with fast charging capability. It also offers support for wifi, EDGE and HSDPA.

Apart from the large capacity battery, the HTC vivo V 21 camera has some other unique features such as OTE recording. In other words, it records audio directly from the device and not from a external media. This allows the user to capture voice memos, instructions and lectures without loss of quality. Moreover, the rear camera setup of the phone allows you to use the camera with any OME formatted card including the pro and universal sim cards.

In order to make the most of the benefits of an OME formatted card, many persons have used the HTC vivo V 21 along with a micro SD card and a quickshot adapter to create a double capture photo. A selfies is when you take a photograph of yourself with another person and then upload it to social networking sites such as Facebook or Instagram. To make a selfies, the person needs to have an OME formatted memory card, micro SD and a quickshot adapter to enable quick photo sharing.

In addition, the HTC vivo V 21 has an advanced photo editing software which enables users to retouch and edit their selfies. You can make the necessary corrections to the colors, contrast and sharpen the image according to your taste. With a quickshot adapter, you can also apply filters to enhance the visual appeal of the OIS Night selfies. The front camera of the HTC vivo V 21 is just 5.2mm wide and offers clear images.

The HTC vivo V 21 has a neat and slim body which looks very modern. It has a vivid display, a large 1.5 inch Super AMOLED capacitive touch screen and a large high definition viewing screen. The phone comes with a unique dual flash system which allows you to take photos even in low light conditions. The front camera is a standard sized camera with optical zoom, but the rear camera is a little larger and is complimented by an eight megapixel auto focus sensor. The OIS Night sensor is available in two models – a model with 16GB internal memory and a model with fourGB internal memory.

Other features of the HTC vivo V 21 include a microSD slot, headphone jack, proximity sensor, speaker, mono-chromatic earphone jack, USB connect, wifi and lots more. Apart from all the amazing technical specifications, you would definitely love this picture taken device because it looks attractive. It is stylish and affordable and you get to enjoy photographic moments like a professional photographer.